Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer Skin Must: Facial Mist

In the summer, we tend to be out a lot more and it is important to prevent a few potential risks such as sun damage, prolonged exposure to the elements, overheating skin, oilier complexion, and breakouts induced by the sticky combination of sweat and extended coverage sunscreens. Therefore, I recommend adding a facial mist for prevention as it helps to cool the skin while adding hydration that is evaporated from the sun. Facial mists are also important because they provide a weightless instant hydration. A good facial mist can even help with complexion to prevent breakouts and balance oily complexion. Gone are the days of toners that mainly comprise of alcohol, water, and fragrance, we are lucky that there are now wonderful natural green companies that have come out with truly unique mists that will do skin a lot of good.

image from Tata Harper's blog

Tata Harper's Hydrating Floral Essence is a moisturizing toner that is the perfect pick-me-up that also provides an anti-aging treatment on the go. It comes in two convenient sizes, one for travel (50ml) and one for true fans who can't get enough (125ml). 

The price is quite steep, starting at $65 for 1.7oz but the ingredients are extremely pure (many are sourced from Tata Harper's own farm in Vermont) and the overall quality is very high. The scent is floral as the name suggests but guys won't find it overly feminine. If anything, some men may find that the translucent green and gold topped bottle kind of looks like it belongs more in their mothers beauty collection than theirs. 

The gentle waters truly are pleasant to use and feel undoubtedly luxurious. The actives will calm, moisturize, and please skin while the relaxed scent will relax the wearer. This is a very versatile option for any skin type but especially beneficial for mature skin.

Pai Skincare's line of BioAffinity Toners are another good option and comes in 2 "flavors". The Rice Plant & Rosemary Toner is for combination/sensitive skin while the Lotus & Orange Blossom is for dry/sensitive skin. Guys might prefer the former as testosterone leaves men's skin thicker so a dry/sensitive formula may not penetrate as well, in addition the scent of the Orange Blossom might not be to every dudes liking. 

The BioAffinity Toners are a blend of floral waters which are said to contain vibrational energy as the waters are 'living'. These waters contain vitamins and minerals as well as what Pai calls "water-soluble" compounds to tone and texturize skin. 

At $55 for 1.7oz, these are probably the priciest toners although the simple ingredients list of usually 3 living flower waters is extremely pure. The uncomplicated ingredients list means sensitive skins can use with relatively low risk as typically the more ingredients, the greater likelihood for a reaction to occur. I just don't know if it's worth that much as 1.7oz will last mere weeks.

YÜLI is probably the most unisex of the brands here, and they have a line of elixirs with fascinating names like Cocoon (for sensitive skin), Metamorphic (for mature/dry skin), and Panacea ("cure all" for normal to combination skin). 

Theirs is not a formula that just throws together 3 high quality living floral waters, instead you get a truly special blend of living waters and bio-actives such as enzymes, nutrients, and minerals formulated specifically for your skin type combined with their own 'frequency enhanced water' that is uniquely imprinted to correct skin conditions. 

This is a truly unique line that is doing something special and pairing extremely pure ingredients (they source from their own biodynamic farms) with innovative technology (i.e. they're one of the only companies that boast chiral ingredients, which isn't seen in natural beauty). Starting at $36 for 1.7 oz, with stellar ingredients, no wonder this quiet press-shy brand has amassed a legion of fans.

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  1. So exciting to find a natural skincare blog from someone with a science background. Would love to hear your thoughts on sunscreen and silicones!