Monday, September 23, 2013

Review of Vered Herb Infused Toner

My first full product review! When it comes to toners, we're fortunate to have many types to choose from but it also means the definition of a toner is different for everyone. The purpose of a toner is to tone the skin, ideally to prime it for the serums and moisturizers that follow. For some, toners are make-up removers, for others they're the alcohol-heavy astringents that remove layers of oil, and more recently, they've become facial mists. But this isn't a post that will attempt to define what a toner is, instead I'm going to review Vered's Herb-Infused Toner which reminds me of a throwback to the classic toners that you apply with a cotton ball and have a significant alcohol content.

This product is described as "a non-drying face toner that thoroughly cleansers, balances, and nourishes all skin types." Reading this, I believe Vered may have intended this to sort of be an all in one: cleanser, toner, moisturizer. With that said, I don't believe this will be suitable for all skin types, and those with drier skin may likely find themselves reaching for a moisturizer. For my skin, which is relatively normal yet prone to oiliness (men tend to have largers pores, thicker skin, and produce more oil than women due to testosterone), this worked well when used once a day. During my trip with limited supply to water, I saw wonderful benefits to using this twice a day in the morning and before dinner due to the heat/sweating as there was always enough oil/grime/dirt to remove. However at home, I felt that using it more than once resulted in my skin feeling dry and slightly stripped of healthy oils.

Part of the reason for this is because this product relies on a mixed base consisting of alcohol, water, and glycerin. To give her credit, the alcohol is sourced from organic grain alcohol which is a clean form of alcohol but it is an alcohol all the same. I like alcohol for its anti-bacterial nature but it is not the best ingredient for sensitive skin as it can easily disrupt the moisture and lipid barrier. I much preferred the other ingredients Vered chose to use such as the calming calendula, healing echinacea, astringent orange and lemon peel, and soothing comfrey.

For those who might have oily less sensitive skin, I think this would be wonderful. In fact, you'll enjoy the grape juice scent mixed with the very attractive burgundy color of the product. When applied on a cotton round, you can easily see the oil and grime coming off without applying much pressure that may get your face red. I prefer to use this as a pre cleanse after the gym to remove everything while I'm getting ready for a shower, then I use a gentle cleanser to remove whats left of the toner and impurities.

This is a purists toner, a throwback to those days when toners meant alcohol, cotton pads, astringents but that doesn't mean it is a bad thing especially when wrapped in a attractive package that includes organic ingredients that are ethically sourced, high quality essential oils, and a beautiful scent that is sure to put a smile on anyones face. So for anyone transitioning from their La Mer and Clarins make-up removing, astringent toners, look no further: Vered Herb Infused Toner


  1. Glad you are back! This would not be my type of toner as I avoid alcohol, but thank you for your thorough review and thoughts on alcohol in beauty products. Laura

  2. This is a great review! I have not tried anything from Vered's line, though her body oils are high on my to-buy list. This toner sounds great for my skin ... super oily, acne-prone. I'm a big fan of healing calendula, but can you elaborate on what echinacea can do for the skin topically?

  3. I've been really torn over the subject of alcohol in toners... I'm told that the "right" kind don't have to be drying but no idea what that means in reality. This past summer I was using Dr. Alkaitis's toner, which sounds very similar to Vered's, though maybe a bit gentler and you apply it with your fingers rather than a cotton pad. Would love your opinion on it! It didn't make my skin feel dry but I noticed some redness on my upper cheeks. I've transitioned from very oily, extremely acne-prone skin through my mid-30s to drier, less acne-prone but easily congested skin as I turn 40. Am having a hard time finding the right protocol for my skin. Would appreciate any pointers from you!

  4. Thanks Laura! The alcohol in here is not as abrasive as traditional alcohol products but if you haven't had much luck with the ingredient then it would be wise to just move on.

    Kimberlyloc, echinacea is most known for being an immune booster but its anti inflammation properties make it great for treating a lot of skin conditions like eczema, rashes, and acne.

    RM I will let you know my take on the Alkaitis toner!